Sovereign Encounters

Join Professor Joel Colón-Ríos as he discusses the concept of sovereignty and how constitutions can serve as instruments of popular self-rule.

Inaugural lectures

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Lecture Theatre 1 (GBLT1), Government Buildings, Pipitea Campus, 55 Lambton Quay

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Nowadays, the concept of sovereignty is at best seen as outdated and, at worst, as a key component of the political rhetoric of authoritarian regimes.

In this inaugural lecture, Professor Joel Colón-Ríos will argue that the concept of sovereignty is nonetheless crucial to understanding one of the main questions of constitutional theory: how can constitutions serve as instruments of popular self-rule, allowing a community to govern itself anyway it wants and, at the same time, function as mechanisms for the limitation of political power?

Through the lecture, Professor Colón-Ríos will reflect on the different ‘encounters’ with the concept of sovereignty through his academic work.

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