ARS Electronica: Garden Aotearoa

ARS Electronica: Garden Aotearoa

Exhibitions and Performances

惠灵顿 Faculty of Architecture and Design Innovation, Te Aro校园, 薇薇安街139号, 惠灵顿

ARS Electronica: Garden Aotearoa returns to Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of 惠灵顿's Te Aro campus

Person standing under structure with white, blue and red lights shining off it

Ars: GARDEN AOTEAROA is New Zealand’s contribution to the International Ars Festival in 2022.

Ars is the world’s largest media festival, which is held annually in Linz, Austria. Placed at the intersection of art, technology and society, the five-day event attracts over 100,000 international visitors.

Founded in 1979 the Ars Festival was designed to take the emergence of the Digital Revolution as an occasion to explore technologies and interrogate potential futures. The festival consists of symposia, 展览, 表演, concerts and interventions spanning a broad arc 从 speculative futuristic scenarios to analytical considerations, 从 provocative actionism to philosophical debates.

Aotearoa has been offered a unique opportunity to partner with the main festival. For the third time, the arc/sec Lab at the University of Auckland 和 Digital Architecture 研究 Alliance (DARA) at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of 惠灵顿 are proud to contribute the Ars: AOTEAROA. This exhibition and concert night showcases projects 从 New Zealand’s artists, 音乐家, scientists and researchers in the form of prototypical installations, 表演 and talks.

Find out more about the projects and events happening during ARS Aotearoa on the ARS New Zealand website.


ARS Electronica: Garden Aotearoa Concert Night 6月16日7.30 - 9.30pm, Meow, 9 Edward Street, Te Aro

Come for a drink and a dance at Meow this Thursday to see local 音乐家 create alternative electronic and techno sounds using computer technology. It's not often you can see robot-musician interaction, 生活的编码, algorithmic composition, 数字 musical instruments, and AI music experiments in 惠灵顿, so check out this one of a kind gig this Thursday, 7.30pm!


XR Tumour Evolution Model Extended Presentation 6月18日,2:30 - 3.30pm

Where health, science, technology and architecture collide! The XR Tumour Evolution model is an immersive arena that augments physical architecture with 数字 clinical information. Join us for a special presentation by key members of the project team 从 the University of Auckland and experience a special demonstration of the HoloLens 2.

Artists Talks June 19, 1.30pm

This Saturday ARS Electronica Artsits will be speaking about their work, research and creative inspirations. Catch artists 从 1pm, each will speak to their work for 15 minutes.

1.00pm Tumour Evolution in Extended Reality (XR); 1.15pm Senses Swirling in Virtual Reality; 1.30pm Ko Te Akau; 1.45pm Virtual Fortuna; 2.00pm Maritime_Trace_Exposure; 2.15pm Minimum Mass; 2.30pm Lightsense; 2.45pm Machine Song: Gesture 2;  3.00pm Material Music; 3.15pm Ensemble Mechatronic;  3.30pm Polynomial Deviation; 3.45pm Haptic Hongi;  4.00 pm Synaespatia

ARS Electronica Central Talk June 21, 6 - 7pm, Te Aro Atrium

Hear 从 our ARS Electronica partners all the way 从 Linz, Austria. This insightful lecture will explore narratives of new technologies and research related to the fields of Architecture, 科学和艺术. This is an incredible opportunity to hear 从 some of the worlds best thinkers and creators in this field.